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12 October 2011

As the lovely Judy Holliday sang, the party's over, its time to call it a day... well, not quite yet. But Marian and I do feel a little sad to have IMPACT7 over. Perhaps we haven't caught up on the sleep yet. Thank you all for coming and making it such a success. I hope you made new connections, had new ideas, saw work that inspired you, and enjoyed the colleagiate environment of Monash. We will be setting up a site where you can post images and ideas, and generally keep the conversations going. Stay tuned.

23 September 2011

Four days to IMPACT - the campus was full of busy staff, volunteers and artists, painting, cleaning, hanging, pinning. What a pleasure to see the work going up. For those of you who want to get into the spirit before Tuesday, why not go hear our very own (well, she's Bristol's really) Sarah Bodman speak at the State Library of Victoria. For more information click HERE. It's a great opportunity to see Fine impressions: printmaking and artists' books in Melbourne 1999–2010. You'll be all charged up for Tuesday morning - remember 8.30am to 10am to register over 350 people.Get in early!

22 September 2011

What would an event be without last minute changes. I urge you to look at the updated program (HERE IT IS) and check if something you particularly want to see has changed time or venue. And a slight change of plan for those of you registering on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (or on Tuesday afternoon) - registration for those times only will be in Building G Ground Level Concourse at the information desk. And for those of you who have been paying attention to detail and intrigued by the session convened by Rebecca Beardmore on Print Meditation - sorry - that was a typo. Its Print Mediation - what a difference a 't' makes!

Meanwhile Melbourne has been turning on the weather for those of you here a few days early - perfect for that visit to Phillip Island. Or get in to the NGV or our beautiful State Library of Victoria (on a tangent, have a look the Reading Room in action in the clip of Ross Coulter's 10,000 Paper Planes - here). The print collection at the NGV and the team that work there has always been outstanding and they currently have an exhibition showcasing their collection of 19th Centuy works on paper - This Wonderous Land - wonderous indeed.

Did we mention that Melbourne is the hayfever capital of the work? If you suffer, bring the medication.

Meanwhile, if you haven't already check out the information page here for those coming to IMPACT7.

19 September 2011

Bags - check, tickets - check, currency - check, visa - ? Have you made quite sure you have the right travel documents. In some cases you do need a visa to enter Australia. I'm sure most have you have this sorted, but if you haven't checked with your travel agent, do. Here is a handy website for further information:

16 September 2011

Feeling hungry? Book for the BBQ HERE Thursday 29th September 5.30 - 8.00pm

14 September 2011

Are you coming to IMPACT7? Have you booked? Click HERE for some important information.

6 September 2011

The clock is ticking, but here's a timely reminder of what is important, something that many people would relate to... thanks to Scott Lyon. The image is from Holstee - for more inspiration visit them (click here)

And for those who want to know what I do with my life ... hereis the most recent program of speakers. Click here.


August 25

I know what you are really interested in ... the weather. So for those of you wondering - will I be hot, will I be cold, will it rain, with it be dry, the answer is, all of the above. You can pretty well guarantee it won't snow in town at least, but for those of you who like a chart, here it is -


August 1

It's there - the program - have a look and just imagine not only absorbing all those ideas and views, but also all the discussion that will flow from the agreements, disagreements, new perspectives, and mind changing opinions. If you haven't registered - what are you waiting for. You can't get a ticket on the day, so get to it...



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